Accenture Free virtual internship for Data Analytics with a free certificate

Accenture Free virtual internship:-

Apply your data analytics & visualization skills to advise a social media client on their content creation strategy as a Data Analyst at Accenture

Why complete our Job Simulation:-

A risk-free way to experience work on the job with us at Accenture North America. Practice your skills with example tasks and build your confidence to ace your applications.

How it works:-

  • Complete tasks guided by pre-recorded videos and example answers from our team at Accenture North America. No live sessions, all self-paced.
  • Earn a certificate and add it to your resume and LinkedIn as an extra curricular activity.
  • Stand out in applications. Confidently answer interview questions and explain why you’re a good fit for our team.

Apply Link:- Click Here To Apply

Accenture empowers you to be your best—personally and professionally. Every day around the world, we work with exceptional people, the latest and greatest tech and leading companies across industries. 

Deep dive into the evolving world of data from an analytics and visualization perspective with Navigating Numbers. Learn data basics such as data cleaning, modeling, visualization and storytelling. Upon completion, you’ll be equipped with data fundamentals and an understanding of what a career in data analytics could look like.

All Accenture North America Job Simulations give you a taste of how together, we can create meaningful, powerful change. Bring your skills, your curiosity and your best true self!

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