Sample Resume Format For Freshers

Sample Resume Format For Freshers:-

Below is a basic resume template suitable for both tech and non-tech freshers. Remember to customize it with your personal information, skills, and experiences.

[Your Full Name]
– Address: [Your Address]
– Phone: [Your Phone Number]
– Email: [Your Email Address]
– LinkedIn: [Your LinkedIn Profile]
– GitHub: [Your GitHub Profile] (For tech students)


A motivated [Your Major/Field] graduate seeking a [Type of Position] role at [Company Name], where I can apply my [specific skills or knowledge] to contribute to [Company’s Goal or Project].


– [University Name], [City, State]
– Graduation Date: [Month, Year]
– Relevant Coursework: [Course Name], [Course Name]

[High School Diploma] 
– [High School Name], [City, State]
– Graduation Date: [Month, Year]


 Technical Skills (For tech students)
– Programming Languages: [List]
– Tools & Technologies: [List]
– Operating Systems: [List]

 Soft Skills (For non-tech students)
– Communication
– Teamwork
– Problem-solving
– Time Management

(For tech students)

[Project Name]
– Description: [Brief description of the project]
– Technologies Used: [List technologies used]
– Link/GitHub Repository: [Link to the project]

(For non-tech students, you can include part-time jobs, internships, volunteer work, etc.)

[Job Title] 
– [Company Name], [City, State]
– Month Year – Month Year
– Responsibilities:
– [Responsibility 1]
– [Responsibility 2]

Extracurricular Activities

– [Activity Name] – [Role/Position], [Organization Name]
– [Activity Name] – [Role/Position], [Organization Name]


– [Certification Name] – [Issuing Organization], [Year]


– [Language]: [Proficiency Level]


Available upon request.

Feel free to adjust the sections and content based on your background, experiences, and the specific requirements of the job you’re applying for. Good luck!

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