Data Importing and Cleaning Projects

1. Exploring the NYC Airbnb Market

In the Exploring the NYC Airbnb Market project, you will apply data importing and cleaning skills to analyze the Airbnb market in New York. You will ingest and combine the data from multiple file types, and clean strings and format dates to extract accurate information. 

2. Word Frequency in Classic Novels

In the Word Frequency in Classic Novels project, you will use requests and BeautifulSoup to scrape a novel from the Project Gutenberg website. After scraping and cleaning the text data, you will use NLP to find the most frequent words in Moby Dick. The project introduces you to the world of Python web scraping and natural language processing.Word Frequency in Classic Novels DataCamp Projects

For data analysts and data scientists, web scraping is an essential skill to learn.

Data Manipulation Projects

3. Exploring the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Market

In the Exploring the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Market project, you will explore bitcoin and other cryptocurrency data. You will clean the dataset by discarding cryptocurrencies without market capitalization, comparing Bitcoin with other currencies, and preparing data for visualization. 

4. Analyze Your Runkeeper Fitness Data

In the Analyze Your Runkeeper Fitness project, you will import, clean, manipulate, and analyze the seven years of Runkeeper’s training data. It is a perfect sample project for learning complex data filtering, transformation, and processing. Furthermore, you will analyze the data and present a detailed summary report.

Data Visualization Projects

5. Visualizing COVID-19

In the Visualizing COVID-19 project, you will visualize COVID-19 data using the most popular R library ggplot. You will analyze confirmed cases worldwide, compare China with other countries, learn to annotate the graph, and add a logarithmic scale. The project will teach you skills that are in high demand for R programmers.

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